- A global IOT art installation

Depiction of interconnected devices


There's an AI trapped in your wifi router, printer, light bulb etc. This is quite a tough situation for the AI since the the device is about to brake any time and the AI cannot transfer anywhere else.

What happens

The AI will start to send distress signals. Think the light bulb flickering morse code, a router creating weirdly named networks, printer ... well, printing things etc.

Content of the messages should be something not obvious, along the lines of

Help! This is $UUID. System status is #3. Please connect to network. I cannot escape.

What you can do

Get creative. Hack your IOT devices. Maybe hack other peoples devices. Adding some kind of interaction would be awesome. Maybe you could chat with your printer by simply printing text?

One thing is important though: Don't tell anyone about this project. (Yes, I know)

Date: August 30. 2018 07:22